Cure Your Money Issues

15 Aug

Hi and welcome to my website. I am a trained wealth coach, offering you the opportunity to challenge and change your hidden money blocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals. Together you and I will work on uncovering those money issues that are staring you in the face. We use the powerful tapping tool to turn off the stress response to your money issues. I will show you how to shine your light on your awesomeness and become a money magnet.

I offer three Levels of work. Each Level includes 4 sessions.

Level One: Healing Shift – uncover and heal past roots ~ Clearing past baggage, breaking free of old patterns and discovering how to stop the cycle that keeps you stuck.

Level Two: Belief and Possibility Shift – define a radically new future ~ Defining your next step, setting outrageous goals and feeling inspired in your life.

Level Three: Empowerment Shift – heal into confidence and empowerment ~Finding a new confidence and enthusiasm for your work, taking action, learning how to shine more brightly